We lost two pets in 2000, our old Puppy Barney who just got too old and infirm, so we let him go (sad but necessary), and our little white kitty Snickerdoodle, who got startled by the Blue Angels flying over on Aug 4 and ran into the street and got hit by a car (very sad!). Here they are together .

NEW! 7/15/01, we have FOUR cats now. Got two kittens recently, both female. Sherbie (orange and white) and Spot (white and gray). Sherbie came from a friend's litter, and we picked up Spot a week later wandering the streets of our Aberdeen neighborhood. Spot ate like she hadn't had a meal in a week, and went from 2.3 lbs to 3.0 lbs in just one week.

Here they are:

Here's queen kitty Slinky, sitting in a pot on the deck:

And here's Ollie, who is not even a year old and bigger than Slinky. He likes to play with rubber bands, and harass Slinky by chasing her and nibbling on her. She does NOT like his brand of fun. Ollie's adored by everyone in the household, and regardless of who picks him up (gosh he's heavy!) someone else (usually Jenny) wants him.

Just a kitten (8/2000)

Oh, you can see baby pictures behind Ollie -- Pink is Jenny (4/7/91) and Blue is Timmy (10/2/80).

Now just 5 months later (1/2001)