Woodridge House Pictures

Under Construction

Torn up kitchen #1

Torn up kitchen 2 Cabinets are coming at then end of december, but there's lots of work to do first.

Front hall windows This is what you see if you stand in the kitchen and turn around and look at the street. These get new casing (moldings) to spiff them up.

Completed Project Pictures

The new back deck The bars are straight but look twisty because of the pixelization

New master bath as you enter

New master shower no lip for wheelchair barrier

Sink closeup What beautiful lights!

New pictures of the completed kitchen upstairs. It's actually been done for quite a while, and we're keeping it pristine and living downstairs. It's got loads of features for universal design, including roll-under cooktop, a roll-under sink (notice on that shot the raised dishwasher too), a pull-out work-space that tucks back into the counter -- it rolls under like the cover of a breadbox so it's actually out farther than the counter is deep. And there's the oven and microwave in a cook center which are both at convenient heights.

There's also some nice decorator touches, like the nook with it's shelves for books, drawer for keys, etc. and lower glass doored cabinet. You can also see the inset light, like the rest of the under-counter lights.

Can you tell Geoff is very proud of the kitchen Fran designed and he built?

Let's go outside and check out the landscaping in the front yard. Here's a shot of the shady spot under the large blue-spruce in the front. If you were sitting there, you could see the landscaping in the front of the house . And here's the last new shot of the new front door and deck area. You may notice the garage wall -- that carport is gone now, thanks to Andy Wesseler, my brother-in-law-and-contractor-of-record.

Christmas is here and we've got the main living room on the top floor all done, so here's a large Large panorama 270 degrees wide. We painted, put in a new fireplace, and put new casing on all the windows this fall.

OK that's all the new stuff for now. If you're a first-time visitor, check out the rest of the yard and house! Finally, check out the new backyard. It's a large jpg file, but shows all the hard work our son, his friend Chris from Canada, and our friend's son Chris put in the summer of '98. The whole rockery on the left is new -- they pulled a dozen stumps off that hillside. And the lawn is also new, planted on two truckloads - over 20 cubic yards - of topsoil. Then Geoff and Fran planted over 100 plants! This is actually 4 pictures "sewn" together, so ignore seams and enjoy the view. This was taken from the upstairs office window. The views from the kitchen and Jenny's bedroom are very similar.