The Hazel Family Christmas letter for the year 1998

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.  Christmas comes this time each year and you'd think that I would just get used to the fact that time keeps going on at a clip, so I will stop my whining and start to count my blessings for a year that the Lord gave to us.

Not a whole lot changed for us this year.  We continue to remodel the house and get very excited when a project gets completed.  So excited that we always invite some good and patient friends over so we can show off our progress even though the whole of the house still looks pretty tattered and torn.  The progress seen this year on the house was an upper deck in the back yard and a low deck on the front of the house, landscaping of the front and back yard with the help of three husky boys who moved 16 tons of rock for 3 rockery retaining walls and 20 yds or so of top soil to the back yard, which by the way is at a very steep incline.  Without them this project would never have gotten done.  They were great..  The downstairs and master bathrooms were completed, along with the downstairs kitchen and hopefully by New Years the upstairs kitchen will join the their ranks.  The cabinets are to arrive the last week in December and as I write Geoff has two days off and is working on framing, wiring, and plumbing for the kitchen.  Now we are seeing some light at the end of our tunnel and have a goal of total completion by early spring with the house up for sale by late spring-early summer.  Many ask us how we continue to live in this construction mess and I tell them that I have my moments, but I'm keeping my eye on the goal and with the progress we have made and the results of our hard work bringing satisfaction, I've been willing to sacrifice the neat and clean for the time being. (besides I do have my corners in the house that I try to keep orderly and that is where I go to keep myself sane.)

Geoff continues at Pacific Rim as IS Director (many ask me what that is and all I know that he is in charge of the company's computers and the people that keep them up and running).  He likes it a lot and really enjoys the people he works with.  He has some projects that they are working on and one is to get the company's computers year 2000 compliant.  It's interesting to hear all the different opinions on how all the computers in the world are going to handle the digit change and if you listen too hard it can even get scary, but Geoff tells me that most likely there will be some glitches all of us will have to muddle through but that all in all most things will be up and running.  It will be interesting at the very least to see how it all falls together a year from now.

Timmy is 18 this year and is a senior.  He is doing his last high school year at Bellevue
Community College along with his freshman year for college.  This is a program
 offered by the state of Washington if one passes their requirements.  Timmy
 was excited to jump through their hoops and is happy to consider himself
 a college student and out of the (what he calls) the high school rat race.
 He also works for a professional theater in Everett with their stage crew
 and loves it.  He thinks that he would like to make
this a college major and possibly a career choice.
I'm glad he is finding a niche for himself.

Jenny is  seven and still delights all who meet her.  She cracks us up with her wittiness and Geoff and I will look at each other and wonder where she gets her material.   Her love in life is all her friends, reading and dance class every Wednesday.  If she doesn't go out for cheerleading in high school you'll be able to blow me over with a feather.

For myself driving in the car seems to be my life with running kids around here, and there and driving around to find the right something for my clients or our house and doing what I love the best having lunch out with a good friend.  Its a good thing that I like to drive and unfortunately my car looks like I live in it too.  So much for the neat and orderly there.

Speaking of friends we had many of them come and visit us this year and it was great fun.  I absolutely love to visit and catch up on all that has happened over the years and I find that even though many years can pass between visits the second we see each other the time fades away and the joy of knowing each other delights my heart.  So for those of you who have not been to see us and our incredible(some times overwhelming) project, I invite you (as long as you don't mind the mess) to come on over and spend  a few days with us. We would love to have you.

For the Hazel Family we wish you all the best for the coming year and the joy that comes in knowing our Lord and Savior whose birth we celebrate this time each year.

Barney (our age old puppy who just keeps on going and going and going...)
and of course Queen Slinky (our cat with the attitude)

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